Untitled (Dystopia)

Untitled (Dystopia) (2015)

The manner in which content is presented to us can significantly affect how we identify with, believe in, and understand particular information. Upon moving to Knoxville TN in 2015 I became curiously interested in the local conservative talk radio station. The political primaries were gearing up and the programming presented here was sure to affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. Many nights I would stay up listening to the programming while composing various melodies underneath the musically dry discourse presented before me. Noticing that I could color the commentary through these musical additions I sought to see if I could completely confuse someone's political orientation by adding what one might term a "liberal soundscape" to a conservative broadcast. Untitled (Dystopia) is the synthesis of this experimentation. Through vocal cadence alteration and the inclusion of a pensive synth-ambient soundtrack, a segment of a Glenn Beck broadcast is altered and then rebroadcast using a long range FM transmitter.