Replacing the Ritual

Replacing the Ritual

Replacing the Ritual is a series of experimental performances and activities aimed at examining how repeated actions can help form a sense of identity and purpose within an individual. The project arose in response to a two year drawing practice that consisted of creating and distributing a small image to a varying recipient every Monday. Over time the project devolved and became more like a weekly obligation than a meaningful experience, resulting in a desire to find a new activity that held a similar ritual like regularity but rejuvenated my sense of purpose and identity.

During a 15-week period I re-explored past identities and rituals, as well as created new ones. The works vary from the mundane to the absurd as well as the quasi religious to the blatantly secular.

Week 1: Shooting Practice

Week 2: Watching Game of Thrones with Friends

Week 3: Copying

Week 4: Playing a Song Somewhere

Week 5: Looking Up

Week 6: Going Shopping

Week 7: Cleaning

Week 8: Drinking Beer with Friends

Week 9: Gift Giving

Week 10: Dancing with Friends

Week 11: Reading the Bible

Week 12: Cooking and Eating with my Family

Week 13: Doing Yoga

Week 14: Playing the Lottery

Week 15: Doing Favors